Women’s Winter Cardigan You Need To Stay Warm In The Office

Women’s Winter Cardigan

I adore the concept of dressing up for work and being creative with outfits and accessories that make a statement.

Dressing for the winter is a completely different game. Fall necessitates layering and layering, and this is where the fun begins! You can be creative and experimental with your colour, texture, cut, and pattern combinations.

Have you ever considered how flexible women’s winter cardigans can be when browsing through your closet for woollens or other winter wear? If you have no idea (or even if you do), we hope the next few minutes of reading will assist you in determining the types of cardigans for women that will keep you cosy in your office this winter.

1. The Belted Cardigans​

The Belted Cardigans

One of the most stylish looking women’s cardigans, the Belted cardigans are highly versatile! Belted cardigans can be of varying lengths and styles. You can find the short length, medium length and long length belted cardigans that can be paired up with most of the outfits in your wardrobe. They look equally chic when paired with western wear such as jeans, leggings, stockings and even with ethnic wear such as Kurtis. You can find beautiful knitted, woollen, cotton-woollen or even linen-woollen cardigans that can be paired perfectly with your office outfits in an interesting way. 

2. The Tunic Cardigans

The Tunic Cardigans

The Tunic cardigans are long sweaters with front buttons and pockets. This ladies cardigan complement equally well with western wear like jeans, stockings and leggings and with ethnic wear like Kurtis. Tunic cardigans are very similar to basic cardigans and differ in the sense that they are longer than the basic cardigans and extent up to knees sometimes.As such, they have better body coverage than the usual cardigans. If you are looking for something to wear with your office outfit that makes a statement this winter, a Tunic cardigan can be a good match that keeps you warm as well as comfortable. You may choose a stylish tunic cardigan online using the ajio promo code and match it with your office outfit for a chic and comfy look.

3. The Open Cardigans

The Open Cardigans

As the name implies, the Open cardigans are open in the front and do not have any buttons or zippers to close from the front. One of the most stylish looking cardigans, the Open cardigans go beyond the knees in length and team up beautifully with western wear as well as ethnic wear. These winter women’s cardigans can also be used to layer up on top of a knitted Kurti if the weather is too chilly and you want something to wrap around like a shawl. Open cardigans are available in the market in different materials like polyester-wool, linen cotton or knitted wool. To opt for a chic office look, you can team up your open cardigan with skinny jeans or leggings along with stylish boots and keep yourself completely warm through the chilly day.

4. The Jacket/Hooded Cardigans

The Jacket/Hooded Cardigans​

Usually open from the front, the Jacket cardigans for women resembles jacket and has a hood for added warmth. They emanate casual vibes and are just the right fit for a casual Friday dressing for the office. You can wear your hoodie cardigan with jeans or jeggings for a relaxed and casual look. Jacket cardigans can be knee-length,  waist-length or hip-length and are made of knitted wool, linen cotton or cashmere.  The hooded cardigans are quite a vogue these days owing to their chic looks and style. You may also order a hooded cardigan online while applying promo codes for ajio and rock your casual hooded office look this winter.

5. The Cropped Cardigans

Cropped Cardigans

The Cropped cardigans usually reach just up to the waist and have buttons or hooks in the front. They usually pair well with long woollen Kurtis or woollen tunics or gowns to give proper warmth and protection from the chilly weather. Cropped cardigans are available in prints, stripes, solids and other designs and are usually made of knitted wool, cashmere or even linen cotton (for lesser cold weather). You may get beautiful Cropped cardigans to pair up with your smart office outfit using ajio promo codes and flaunt the charismatic looks at office parties or events.

6. The Long Cardigans

Long Cardigans

Long cardigans are very much like open cardigans, but are much longer than them. A Long cardigan reaches below your knees, sometimes right up to your ankles, giving complete coverage and the ultimate warmth. An ideal accompaniment to your office attire and keeping you warm and looking stylish, these long ladies cardigan can be paired up with almost anything: from western wear to ethnics as well. Team them with your regular jeans, leggings, trousers and even stockings and you are ready to rock the looks. The Long cardigans usually have large buttons in front or zippers for extra comfort and a perfect wrap. The Long cardigan can be used in place of an overcoat as it is easier to carry when compared to the bulky overcoat. This also makes it a more viable option for a hectic day at the office. 


Women’s Cardigans are available in a variety of styles, colours, and materials to suit both casual and formal occasions. It only takes a little finesse to pair them with your attire to create those stunning looks while also providing much-needed warmth in the cold. You may complete your ensemble with perfectly coordinated footwear and a handbag that complements each look, and you’ll be ready to turn heads!