How To Choose The Right Geyser For Your Home – 2023

Winter is around the corner, and the need for hot water is about to begin. In these situations, a geyser buying guide comes in handy. And to choose the right geyser for your home is not an easy task, it may seem easy but it isn’t. You have to consider so many factors while buying the geyser such as the capacity of the geyser, wattage, features, power consumption, etc. We will talk about these factors in this article and provide you with a geyser buying guide. But before that, you should know what types of geysers are there. So, let’s begin.

Geyser Types

If it comes to heating water, we can use immersion rods and geysers. But the use of both of them depends on our utility, for example, an immersion rod can heat only less water at a time whereas a geyser can heat more water. But it is worth noting here that there are many types of geysers. There are three main types of geysers which are as follows.

Instant Geyser – As the name of this geyser suggests, this geyser heats water instantly. But this electric geyser does not come with any type of storage tank. Since there is no tank in it, its size is also small and its power consumption is also less.

Gas Geyser – These types of geysers operate on LPG and provide hot water as soon as the geyser is on. These types of geysers are economical but not as powerful as electric geysers. 

Storage Geyser – These types of geysers run on electricity but have a storage tank. These tanks retain hot water for a long time. Since it has a tank, the power consumption of these types of geysers is more than the instant geysers. 

Factors That You Should Consider

We always do research before purchasing any electronic product so that we can buy the right product as per our needs. Similarly, while buying a geyser, one must check its features, price, warranty, and other things. Apart from this, you should also know your needs so that you can buy the right product for your right needs, at the right price. So, why wait, let’s start with a geyser buying guide.


The most important factor that you should consider while buying a geyser is its capacity. For this, it is important to know how big your family is and how much you’re going to use it. Like, a 6 to 15-liter geyser is suitable for small to medium families while a 15 to 25-liter geyser is sufficient for medium to large families. Buying a geyser with more capacity than you need is a waste of money and electricity.

Power Consumption

The next and most important factor in the geyser buying guide is power consumption. Power consumption means how much energy is being consumed while the electronic product is running. More energy consumption means higher electricity bills which no one wants. Therefore, while buying geysers, buy geysers with five-star ratings because they are energy efficient. Next, if you are going to have limited use of the geyser then choose an instant geyser over a storage geyser for home. Because the power consumption of instant geysers is less than that of storage geysers, although instant geysers are costlier than storage geysers. 

Try to Choose the Right Type

There is no doubt that all three types of geysers given above are good, but their uses, their features, and their functioning are different. Therefore, any of these geysers may be suitable as per one’s need and the same geyser may not be suitable as per someone else’s need. Therefore, consumers should buy geysers as per their needs. For example, if you have a big family and you want a supply of hot water in the kitchen, bathroom, and basin during winter then a storage geyser is better for you. But if you have a small family and have limited use then a storage geyser for home may not be suitable, as it can lead to extra electricity wastage. You can easily buy the right geyser through various e-commerce platforms with multiple coupons and offers.

Safety Features of Geysers 

As per the geyser buying guide, the next most important thing to consider while buying a geyser is its features, which also include safety features. So, whenever you are buying a geyser look for a temperature control knob, temperature display, and safety features like a cut-out switch, multi-function valve, safety valve, and most important component thermostat.

Always Choose Trusted Brands

While buying a geyser for your home, try to buy it from trusted brands only. An unknown brand may be cheaper but it is not necessarily safer. A geyser purchased from a trusted brand will suit all your needs. Along with this, you will also get better customer service after sales, and geyser maintenance and installation are also done easily. All information related to features and power ratings is also given on the packaging of products of trusted brands. Therefore always try to buy a geyser from a trusted with an ISI mark. 

Price & Warranty 

Next, when choosing the geyser choose the product as per your budget and needs. You may find the right product a little high priced but it will help you save more money in the long run. Along with this, always check the warranty of the product, usually geysers have a five-year warranty. 


In conclusion, choosing the right geyser for home is a crucial task. As it ensures that your household has a steady supply of hot water. But this comprehensive geyser buying guide will be helpful as you will be able to consider various factors and make informed decisions that will suit your needs and preferences. It is important to remember that investing in a high-quality geyser can help you save money in the long run by reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. So, take some time to research and compare different options before making a purchase, and you will be well on your way to enjoying a comfortable and convenient hot water supply at home.

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