Stylish Dressing Ideas For Your Baby Girl To Look Like A Princess

baby princes

It is always a delight to dress up little fairies, the baby girls! There are times when mothers get perplexed when they need to choose the most stylish dress that makes their baby girl look like a princess. When choosing the right baby girl dress, you need to take care that you should never go overboard while dressing the child, because that will overshadow the baby’s charm and cuteness.

Here, we suggest you a few dresses from the firstcry baby girl dress section that will add to the charm of your little girl and make her look like a princess!

Button-down Dress

Button-down dresses

Button-down dresses have always been in a trend. They are stylish-looking as well as comfy day-wear piece of outfit. It is a normal perception that pink is synonymous with girly clothes. But going for bright colours can bring out happy vibes! Keep exploring for different colours and see how vibrant your little princess looks in each. Buy this one for her availing the firstcry coupons and see how dearly she loves to flaunt her new attire!



Frocks of all kinds have always been in demand owing to the comfort and the grace they bring. Frocks of varying lengths and different materials can be explored and made a part of your little baby’s wardrobe. You can pair a cool cotton frock with tight leggings or stockings for an elegant look. Most importantly, select the right kind that is soft on your baby’s skin and that keeps her comfortable through the day at her playschool or home. 

Kaftan Style Tops

Summers call for breezy, comfy and stylish dress for girls and nothing compares to this cool and airy kaftan top that lists high on fashion and comfort! You can pair the kaftan top with jeans, a skirt or even leggings and admire how your little one enjoys her comfort. You can buy this breezy piece of clothing with coupons for firstcry and avail some great discounts.

Skirt and Top Set

skirt and a top

A skirt and a top always make for a stylish outfit for little girls. It is comfortable to wear in summers and can work well with stockings during mild winters too. A denim skirt looks a super stylish baby girl dress and deserves to be a part of your princess’ stunning wardrobe too!

Hooded Jacket with Track Pants

Hooded Jacket with Track Pants

This is surely going to keep your little one warm, comfortable as well as stylish, all at the same time. A hooded jacket is a fashionable way to keep your kid warm through a cold day by layering on a turtle-neck top and pairing it with warm track pants. You can order a beautiful set of this clothing using firstcry coupons and let your little princess enjoy the warmth that it provides.

Ethnic Sharara Dress

Ethnic Sharara Dress:​

Ethnic wear is a favourite among Indian mothers when choosing something appealing for their little girl during a family function or a cultural event. A beautiful sharara firstcry baby dress will look just perfect for such occasions. It is an ideal outfit that looks stylish and traditional on your little angel.

Short-sleeved Party Dress

Short-sleeved Party Dress

Summer parties in the evenings call for something cool, comfortable and stylish dress for girls. A comfortable and glamorous dress can bring all eyes to your little girl. You can pair a short-sleeved gorgeous looking frilled dress with beautiful Cinderella sandals and present your Princess to the world proudly. 

Crochet Hand-made Dress With Booties

Crochet Hand-made Dress With Booties

Choose something different from the usual boring dresses and get your little one a crochet handmade dress that catches every eye! Crochet looks stylish and is an airy outfit for those hot summer days. Look out for crochet dresses with matching booties in your favourite store and get amazed by the discounts with coupons on firstcry. 

Full-sleeves Sweater With Jeans/ Denim Skirts

Denim keeps warm during the mild cold days. You can pair up a denim skirt or jeans with a full-sleeved sweater for a warm outfit that your little one would love to flaunt on a day-out with her friends or at a school party. With your favourite store bringing a huge collection of firstcry baby dresses, tops, jeans, skirts and other apparel, what are you waiting for?

Cold-shoulder Top With Skirt

Cold-shoulder Top With Skirt

Cold-shoulder dresses are much in fashion these days and people of all ages are flaunting them. So why not your little princess? A stylish checks skirt paired with a cold shoulder top and a cap will make for a smart and trendy baby girl dress that will set your little one apart from the rest.


Jumpsuits are a favourite piece of clothing for those who want to stay super relaxed and still look super cool on a hot summer day. Mostly made of cool cotton stuff, jumpsuits make for a great choice of apparel for a relaxed day. It forms a great option for your princess when she is going shopping with Mamma or to a park with her friends.

Dungree And A Tee Set

Dungree And A Tee Set

An uncomfortable dress may take the enjoyable moments away from your little one. So to keep her at the comfortable best and also look adorably stylish, a dungaree is an ideal outfit. Pair a dungaree with a comfy pair of shoes and let your little princess enjoy her day out at the park or at the kids play area while you shop at the nearby mall! 

Wrapping Up

Dressing your little one can be fun and an enjoyable venture. It takes a little attention to the stuff and the occasion you are dressing her for. You can go for any piece of apparel or baby girl dress that you think would look best on her. But by all means, select the one that is most comfortable. Because comfort is all that makes her enjoy her day!


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