Best Men’s Jackets to wear in winters


Winters has much to do with styling up with outfits that not only keep you warm but also exhibit your personality! Like this piece of essential outfit, which we call a ‘jacket’, this not only keeps you warm but also adds oodles of style to your overall looks! You can lift a bland look in a snap by adding a jacket to your outfit and flaunt this game-changer in the way you want to! 

Here is a list of some stylish jacket for men in cool jackets in different styles that would help you take your fashion quotient up a notch and also add lots of warmth and cosiness to the chilly days. You can select the ones that complement your style and use Ajio coupons to avail great discounts on every purchase.

Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets

One of the most versatile jackets with timeless styling options, the Denim jacket for men deserves a rightful space in every man’s closet. It can adapt to the new look in every season as it is so versatile. Perfect to pull off as a casual look all year round, Denim jackets could be your ideal styling partner. Besides being high on versatility, Denim jackets make for a comfortable and very durable piece of outfit as well. If you are hunting for affordable denim jackets, Ajio has it all for you. Availing coupons for ajio, you can buy some cool denim jackets that can make you feel proud of your purchase.


Best brands to look out for:

Levis, Pepe, Calvin Klein, Lee Cooper, Tommy Hilfiger, Highlander, Roadster, Mast & Harbour, Here & Now and others.

Leather Jackets​

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been a classic and overly versatile piece of clothing that has been on trend for ages and indeed will never go out of style! A leather jacket says all with a bold statement about your fashion sense. All leather jackets are trendsetters as well as a piece of clothing providing you absolute warmth in the dipping temperatures. You can go for men’s leather jackets as casual wear or street wear while pairing them with your favourite jeans and sneakers. The trick to making men jacket winter specific and more long-lasting is to choose the one that is simple and classic because such things never go out of style and the added benefit is that they also go well with most of the items in your wardrobe.


Best brands to look out for:

Levis, Highlander, Justanned, Jack and Jones, Monochrome, Highlander, Being Human, Wrogn and others.

Puffer Jackets​

Puffer Jackets

 Also known as ‘down jackets’ or ‘quilted jackets’, these are the ‘padded’ stylish jacket for men and warmest of all! These are capable of trapping heat in the iciest of conditions and make for a fashion statement as well! Puffer jackets are appreciated for their insulation and their usability throughout the frosty weather. You can add a pair of any casual sneakers or suede Chelsea boots or canvas sneakers that go well with the men’s puffer jackets. Bold coloured Puffer jackets can be worn along with joggers and sneakers on chilly morning commutes with a hoodie or a beanie on top. Pairing your quilted/ puffer jacket with a simple outfit can bring out the trendiest and most stylish look that would simply make heads turn around!


Best brands to look out for: 

United Colours of Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Mast and Harbour, Highlander, Zara, Here & Now, Roadster, Calvin Klein, Monte Carlo, Flying Machine, Puma and others.

Bomber Jackets​

Bomber Jackets

These are short jackets with a gathered, ribbed waistband and cuffs and zipper in front, besides four pockets at the sides and bottom together. The bomber jacket for men are available in many materials, like polyester, wool, nylon, suede and cotton. Bomber jackets are considered the trendiest jackets with high demand around the globe. They are versatile jackets, just as men’s leather jackets, that can be playfully flaunted during casual outings. A popular choice among fashionistas, the Bomber jackets pair well with pieces of denim and Chinos and a pair of designer sneakers. So if you are looking for the ultimate men jacket winter styling that exudes class  and keeps you warm as well, then a nice piece of Bomber jacket is the sole answer. You can find the most affordable Bomber jackets on Ajio and with the available coupons for Ajio, you can enjoy some great discounts as well. 


Best brands to look out for: 

Park Avenue, Wrogn, Roadster, Mast and Harbour, Spyker, Highlander, HRX, US Polo, Flying Machine and others.

Truckers Jacket​

The ultimate symbol of style, Trucker jackets have their exclusive iconic value among fashionistas, for being casual yet impressive part of their dressing. Varying majorly from the men’s puffer jackets, a typical Trucker jacket has a slim tailor-cut, with buttons at sleeves, pockets and in the front. Trucker jackets are also admired for their versatility and can be worn with any of the existing outfits in your wardrobe. Find the right size and the right fitting Trucker jacket as it will finally help you achieve the best looks that you want. 


Best brands to look out for: Tommy Hilfiger, Levis, Here&Now, Mast & Harbour, Mango, Wrogn, Kook and Keech, Flying Machine, Style Quotient, Roadster, Calvin Klein and others.


With so many options available on Ajio for stylish jacket for men, you can easily select the kind of jacket that seems the most appropriate for your style and taste and using ajio coupons, you can enjoy some fantastic discount options too. However, try to bring functionality and styling together and you can never go wrong in selecting the best kind of jackets for yourself!
Happy shopping!