Best Baby Products In India For Your Little One

best baby products in india

There’s an entire market out there, flooded with all kinds of best baby products in India, but finding the right ones that are safe and gentle to your baby’s soft skin could be a tedious task. Organic and natural products are deemed to be softer, more nourishing and gentle products and are preferred by parents these days. 

If you are looking for the most reliable products for your baby but finding it difficult to determine which products are best suited for them, then we are here with a short list of best baby products brand that you can depend upon. Read on to know more about these products and why each is suited for your little one. 

Best baby products in India for your little one

Baby Powder from Johnson and Johnson

best baby products brand

This is one of the most popular and oldest brands for baby products in India and has a fairly good market share because of the trust it has gathered from mothers across the globe. Their range of baby care products includes baby soap, baby shampoo, baby powder, body oil, baby lotion, hair oil, talc and other baby products like wipes, massage oils, diaper rash creams, ear-buds and many more. They are well- known and trusted manufacturers of best baby products in India.

This gentle baby powder with a subtle fragrance is specially formulated for your baby’s soft skin to keep it feeling dry and fresh always. It also helps prevent rashes by soaking excess moisture coming from sweat. Johnson’s baby powder is free of harsh chemicals and is dermatologically-tested to ensure complete safety of your baby’s skin.

Baby Soaps from Himalayabest baby products brand

Best baby products

Himalaya is yet another trusted Indian brand catering to the needs of Indian parents and holding a prominent market share in the baby care range of products. Himalaya uses natural and 100% organic ingredients for manufacturing a wide range of baby products, such as baby powder, baby cream, baby lotions, baby soaps, baby rash cream, diapers, etc. Himalaya products are tried, tested and pocket-friendly and this makes it one of the most popular brands in India. 

Some of the major best baby products in India by company includes Himalaya baby soap, which is one of the best baby soaps on the market as it is made with natural ingredients like almond oil and olive oil that keep the baby’s skin soft, hydrated and healthy while gently soothing it. Perfect for everyday usage, this soap is surely a good pick.

Baby lotions from BiotiqueOne of the best baby products in India

best baby products in india

Known for its herbal and natural products, Biotique is another brand that has garnered the trust of those looking for high-quality ayurvedic baby-care products for their kids. Although the product range is not very extensive, the ones offered are worth using for your little ones. Baby lotions, baby oils, baby soaps and baby shampoos are gentle on the tender baby skin and are devoid of harsh chemicals. 

Created with natural herbs and ingredients like aloe vera, almond extracts, basil etc, the Biotique baby lotion is perfectly safe and healthy for your baby’s tender and/or sensitive skin. It contains moisturizing and softening ingredients like milk protein, almond oil, honey, seaweed, wheat germ, etc that take optimum care of the baby’s tender skin. Being 100% natural and free from preservatives and harsh chemicals, this baby lotion is indeed a great option around.

Baby Oil from Mamaearth

Baby Oil from Mamaearth

Mamaearth is the first Asian company to be certified by ‘Made Safe’ and one of those that promises to offer premier personal care products to Indian consumers which are completely natural and toxin-free. Mamaearth also caters to a large demand for organic products specially crafted for babies and infants. With the goodness of natural ingredients and 100% toxin-free products, Mamaearth is at present times one of the most trusted brands in the country.

Mamaearth soothing massage oil with the goodness of essential oils like almond oil, sesame, coconut, olive oil and jojoba oil helps render the required nourishment for your baby’s delicate skin. It also heals rashes or chapped skin and adds a healthy glow to your little one’s skin.

Baby Diapers from Pampers

Baby Diapers from Pampers

There are many diaper brands on the market, but Pampers is one of the most trusted ones and among manufacturers of best baby products in India. Moms using Pampers for their babies swear by this brand considering the many factors like the absorbancy, comfort, fit and the one that causes least or no rashes to the baby’s soft skin. Pampers is known for its silky softness, lightweight material which is tender on the baby’s skin and the very comfortable contoured fit. 

Pampers diapers are breathable with micropores and it keeps wetness away for a long duration, giving your little ones a dry and comfortable feel through the day and the night. These diapers also contain a lotion that keeps the baby’s skin protected against rashes and also a quick dry system that absorbs the wetness and messes away. 

Baby Shampoo from Chicco

Baby Shampoo from Chicco

One of the top-rated brands selling its products in over 100 countries around the world, Chicco caters to the requirement of new-age moms. Offering a wide range of best baby products in India like baby wash, baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby feeding bottle, baby moisturizing cream, no-tear bath foam, baby toothpaste and other accessories like baby combs and baby nail scissors, Chicco brings one of the best quality baby products to the market. 

Chicco’s baby shampoo is free from alcohol and dyes and has a very gentle formula that leaves your baby’s hair soft and nourished. It is devoid of parabens and prevents hair tangling, therefore leaving your baby’s hair smooth and soft textured. 

Baby accessories and health care range from Pigeon

Baby accessories and health care range from Pigeon

Pigeon is a Japanese brand popular in India for household products. It also caters to the childcare and nursing range of products, like bottles, teethers and other nursing accessories and sterilizing accessories for babies. Besides this, Pigeon also offers the bathing, healthcare and grooming range for the little ones. Pigeon holds many accreditations and is trusted for its quality products that are chemical-free and gentle on the baby’s tender skin. 

Baby Strollers from Babyhug

Baby Strollers from Babyhug

Among all brands present in the market, Babyhug is considered one of the most trusted for its superior quality baby products like dresses, baby gear, shoes, diapers, toys and accessories, baths and skin care products and health care products. 

Baby Strollers and Prams from Babyhug are light and easy to use and come with the best features for a comfortable stride. It is sturdy and easily foldable, and convenient to carry your baby when you are out for a walk, travelling or shopping. Its reclining feature lets your baby sleep comfortably while its storage basket allows you to carry essential things along. To get high quality babyhug, you should rely on best baby products brand.


As there are many options in the market, it gets confusing for the parents to decide upon the brands when it comes to picking the best baby products in India for their little ones. The first thing that parents look out for is quality and good brands that cater to this requirement. The list of products mentioned here is not comprehensive but mentions one of the best products from the most popular brands available on the market. Hope this article helps you to find the best baby products brand that you have been looking for.