Meta’s mixed-reality headset, Reality Pro, versus Quest 3: Did Meta steal Apple’s thunder with this product?

Quest 3 now offers mixed reality to give its users an immersive experience. The game will be supported in all countries that support Quest 2.

Meta’s Quest 3 was unveiled in an unexpected event while the world waited for Apple to reveal its mixed reality headset Reality Pro. This was a ‘quest of upstaging’ or just another device waiting to be revealed?
Meta claims that Quest 3’s resolution will be higher, its performance will be better and it will also provide a more comfortable headset. Quest 2 is available at a cheaper price. Here are ten things you should know about Quest 3.

  1. Meta revealed Quest 3 on June 2, 2023 in a surprising way. The headset allows users to interact both with the virtual and the real worlds.
  2. The timing of this feature and Meta’s is interesting, as Apple will reportedly be unveiling their mixed reality headset at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference today.
  3. According to Meta, the headset’s high-resolution screen will be paired with pancake optics for a better look. This will be the world’s first headset with the new-generation Snapdragon chip. This will result in a smoother experience and better performance.
  4. Meta describes itself as a revolutionary reality device with innovative machine learning, spatial understanding and spatial awareness. The user will be able to interact with an environment that is beyond the current reality. It will recognize the objects and respond to them naturally.
  5. Quest 3 features a colour passthrough with high fidelity, allowing the user to view the world in full color. This is unlike previous versions.
  6. Quest 3 is said to be more comfortable that its predecessors. It has a 40% thinner optic profile, and it is sleeker.
  7. Quest 3’s Touch Plus Controllers feature a sleeker and more ergonomic design. Upgrade to the self-tracking Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers. Direct Touch is also available on the device, allowing users to interact with virtual worlds using their hands.
  8. Meta claims that the headset’s ‘world-best library’ will be compatible with Quest 2’s catalogue, which contains over 500 VR games. Meta also plans to release more mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), and other titles. This will create one of the most immersive content libraries.
  9. Quest 2 is available for a reduced price while people are immersed into Quest 3. A software update will also be available for Quest 2 and Quest Pro CPU, GPU, and other components. This update will result in smoother gameplay and a more responsive user interface, as well as richer content for both headsets.
  10. Meta says that Quest 3 is the new standard in mixed reality, immersive games, and what VR headsets can do. Quest 2 is the easiest way to get into VR for the masses.

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