Kawasaki Versys Hybrid coming soon!

Hot on the heels of Z 7 Hybrid, Kawasaki revs up a Versys hybrid! Leaked patent hints at electrified adventure touring future. Get ready for eco-charged thrills! 

Versys Hybrid spied! Patent leak hints at Z 7 Hybrid's powertrain & electrifying adventure awaits. Stay tuned for official reveal!

Hybrid Versys powers up! 9kW motor, 1.4kWh battery & punchy 451cc engine. Electric & ICE synergy redefines adventure.

Leaked pics reveal: Versys Hybrid borrows cool tech from Z 7 Hybrid! Get ready for a familiar, electrifying adventure.

Versys Hybrid doubles your range! Switch from silent electric to 69bhp gas when the juice runs low. Adventure never stops!

Gear up, go digital! Expect manual/auto shift, LED glow, & a sleek dash on the new Kawasaki Versys Hybrid. More surprises await!

Kawasaki's hybrid beast, Versys Hybrid, roars into view! First glimpses coming soon. (172 characters) - This emphasizes the excitement and future arrival.